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Indya Forums is a forum site dedicated to discussions about India. However, let me make it clear right in the beginning that non-Indians are also allowed to register and participate in the site! It’s a very new forum but is already in the news among the online-earning community for all the good reasons. This is my comprehensive review of Indya Forums after being with the site for 20 days and having received one payment already.

Let us Talk India

In the age of real time updates on social media, a forum might seem obsolete to many. But you can experience the real fun only when you are into it. That’s the reason why so many forums are online and still going strong in spite of the advent of social media. And it’s exactly the same reason why new forums like Indya Forums emerge.

As of now there are only a few but important topics allowed in Indya Forums that will cover almost everything of being Indian 🙂 The list of sections are as below:

  • News and Announcements : The official announcements and payment confirmations are made here
  • Introductions : Dedicated to introduction threads by new members
  • Indya Discussions
    • India News
    • Indian Culture & Traditions
    • Indya Travel & Tourism
    • Indya Cuisine
  • General Discussion
    • Chit Chat : Chat just about anything as far as it abides by Indya Forums Constitution
    • Movies, TV Shows, Music & Sports
    • Science & Technology
  • Extra
    • Marketplace : For buying and selling of products and services

Review of Indya Forums – My Experience

Having known the admin of Indya Forums as a trusted person, I had no doubt that the site would be honest. It seemed fairly easy to reach payout as whatever we posted was about India. The current pay rates range from Re 1 to Rs 1.50 per new topic and Re 0.25 to 0.75 per post, depending on the section you are posting in. The referral rate is Rs. 10 per referral. These are great rates for a new site.

It was a smooth ride right from the beginning as the forum was already created and tested by the admin. I was one of the newbies who joined within couple of days of Indya Forums announcing that it would be a paying forum. With the joining of many known faces it was easy to carry on.

Since the admin has technical knowledge, the site seems great as of now. It’s super fast, has a cool theme giving the Indian feel with tricolors, and looks neat overall.

First Payment Proof

Indya Forums payment proof
Screenshot of payment proof

Now comes the big one – the payment proof. Let me tell you that I was not active on the forum daily. I posted occasionally whenever I could. In spite of that I reached the minimum payout amount of Rs. 100 in just 20 days. I requested payment on 21st Dec, 2015, in the afternoon. The payment was promptly made on the same day by night! I chose Paytm cash as the mode of payment.

Want a similar payment? JOIN INDYA FORUMS

Indya Forums
Image creidt : Indya Forums (with permission)

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9 thoughts on “Review of Indya Forums

  1. I too know the admin of Indya forums more than one year and the admin is capable of running any type of forum with latest inputs in it. I am the member of other social network site, which is inconvenient to post response but the site admin not changed the pattern of the site. I like the pattern of Indya Forums it is easy and fast in using. I am the first member to join in Indya Forums after the admin, Now I have earned more than rs 195.00 in this forum and I wish to redeem my amount after reaching rs 500.00.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience and views, Sridharprasad 🙂 I agree that Indya Forums is smooth and fast and the admin is both approachable and capable. Let’s wish a long life for the forum. And wish you the best for your redemption 🙂

    1. Thank you, Raees. And thanks for your efforts in setting up the forum.. I too hope there will soon be influx of new members with many payment proofs coming 🙂

  2. I am liking this site. I have posted some posts on issues like Vijay Mallya case, our education system, threads on food, IPL matches in Maharashtra controversy and more. I do not get much time for my online ventures, but still managed to cros the 50 INR mark. Now I am trying to engage more. Let m see how it goes!

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