Be Wary of PTCs Needing Investment

I have known many people repeatedly falling trap to the PTCs that require us to buy ‘ad packs’ promising to pay back 120% or 150%. Well, it does look luring, and some even pay a few people to gain trust. But believe me, it’s always better to stay away from all of those, even if it means you are losing the opportunity to earn a few dollars before they scam. I never invested in any of those until recently when I joined and invested in two such sites based on the recommendation of 2 online friends respectively. While I successfully made a small profit in one, I lost in the other. Here is an account of how they are fairing right now.


It’s been online for many ¬†months now (since March) and has paid out promptly to many members, including me. It was the first such site I invested in and was very cautious. I invested the minimum $5 and had decided that no matter what, I would cash out a dollar or two more than that and leave. I did just that when I withdrew $7 odd from it. I never returned. And now after losing money on another PTC when I thought of going back to MPA, I saw that it’s facing some serious trouble with PayPal. I thought I would use my accumulated earning there to keep repurchasing and cash out again. Anyway, it’s not possible now.


This was the second site I joined and invested, again based on an online friend’s recommendation. However, as soon as I joined, they started changing rules and the earnings reduced drastically. Moreover, the admin’s rude e-mails said a lot about the site and his intentions. It didn’t have a good impression on me. And now, giving a strange reason, he is off and the earnings are not moving there. I’m sure my $5 there is lost because he has raised the withdrawal minimum to $20, which I can never reach!

So yes, keep putting it in your heads – NEVER INVEST IN PTCs, HYIPs, MLMs!

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