Bitcoin Aliens – is it Worth it?

Bitcoin Aliens is a website that belongs to the new breed of sites called Bitcoin Faucets. In faucets, you will be paid in fractions of bitcoin for spending time on the site doing various activities. Although there are innumerable sites of this nature, not all are worth even mentioning, as they are either badly designed sites where you will can’t spend even 5 minutes or they are scams. But Bitcoin Aliens seems to be the better of the lot, however it is important to get answers to a few questions before starting off the quest to ‘earn’ bitcoins. The question we will be getting answer to is Bitcoin Aliens – is it worth it?

What to do on Bitcoin Aliens

BitcoinAliens contains a blog where you get to read the news and analysis of[linker q=” bitcoin” gtm=”merchant” id=”The_Age_of_Cryptocurrency__How_Bitcoin_and_Digital_Money_Are_Challenging_the_Global_Economic_Order” ft=”fetchProducts” fb=”The_Age_of_Cryptocurrency__How_Bitcoin_and_Digital_Money_Are_Challenging_the_Global_Economic_Orderquery_ bitcoin_~”] bitcoin[/linker]. You will get some info about the market trends, new sites, new developments in bitcoin industry, etc. It also contains reviews of some bitcoin miners and faucets. However, the focus of attraction in the site is the FAUCET.

Alien Faucet

The BitcoinAliens faucet is called Alien Faucet. You need to just give out your bitcoin address and e-mail to create an account. Yes, ANY bitcoin address is fine. They will not forcibly tie you up with any wallet. The features of Alien Faucet are:

  1. Claim Satoshis (smallest unit of bitcoin) EVERY 5 minutes
  2. The lowest amount you can earn is 135 satoshi and highest being 9000 satoshi every 5 minutes!
  3. Minimum payout is 20,000 satoshi (0.0002 BTC)
  4. Payments are made every Tuesday, if the accumulated balance is at least 20,000 satoshi.
  5. 25% referral commission
  6. You can easily make 30k – 50k satoshi every week without referrals, if you are an active user of internet


Please note that for withdrawal, you need to confirm your withdrawal by clicking the confirmation link sent to your e-mail address. If it is not done, then you will not receive the payment. You will receive a notification on the webpage when you reach 20,000 satoshi to remind you to select the mode of payment, etc (either any btc address, or xapo or coinbase)

Bitcoin Aliens – is it worth it?

Well, it depends. It’s subjective based on the preferences, available time, and other online income of each individual. I would like to explain it with two categories of people in mind.

  1. If you have limited sources of online income and are earning very little online, then you can surely try it out. Of course you should be someone using the internet for long hours, because only in that case you can make use of it the most by claiming satoshi as frequently as possible.
  2. If you are earning good amounts online on other sites or in other ways, then probably it’s not a good idea to spend time on sites like Bitcoin Aliens. It requires you to stay attentive to claim satoshi as frequently as possible, which will surely consume some of your time. Also, the average earning without referral maybe just a dollar or less per week, which you may not find great enough.
WeekEarnings in BTCNo. of Referrals

The total earning so far is about 75 cents in 4 weeks, which isn’t very exciting.

Final Words

So, if you are new to bitcoins, and would like to try it out without investing money, Bitcoin Alien’s Alien Faucet is for you. You can try and earn some bitcoins over a period and try to either invest them or trade them for profits. If you find it interesting you can join Alien Faucet here.

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  1. I am trying to join this site but I am getting some errors. I will try again after some time. They also have an android app where you can play game and earn Satoshi. I will give that a try as I can play games even while watching television .

    1. Maybe you haven’t confirmed the e-mail? Just check your email..

  2. I am the member of this Bitcoin alliance site since 9 months, I do not have Bitcoin address/wallet, but I have an account with Xapo site. When ever I receive mail from Bitcoin alliance I am reading the news and information in that mail and saving the link in my google mail. Now I came to know that I can also get the Bitcoin address from my Xapo wallet. Once I will get the address I can do more Bitcoin faucets for earning of Bitcoins/Satoshi.

    1. I have not received any reply to my comment from the admin or from others.

      1. Hi Sridhar Prasad,
        You have not asked any question in the previous comment! May I know what reply were you expecting?
        Kindly let me know your query so that I can give a satisfactory response. Thanks.

  3. My question is that I am not getting notifications from Bitcoin alliance, the problem is creating wallet of Bitcoin. Once created with the help of a person from other country earned some Bitcoins but could not trace my account that person not helped me then I loss all those satoshis. The same in Xapo site also, thats why I am asking some body to help me in creating Bitcoin wallet in person so that I can make some note of those details or copy in a paper for further use.

    1. Xapo account can be recovered normally like password recovery of any other site, I guess. And you can transfer satoshis in Xapo by giving them your phone number.
      If you create an account in sites like Unocoin, Zebpay, etc, a bitcoin wallet for you will be automatically created. You need not do anything! Since you have already registered on Unocoin, please get your account verified by them soon. Then I will guide you on how to operate it 🙂 You have my contact details, we can try to meet in person or we can also talk on skype or phone if you need any help 🙂

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