Bubblews – Rosy Words, Thorny Deeds?

BUBBLEWS is a social blogging platform that promises to change the face of social networking. There is no doubt many members earned decent amount of money writing on Bubblews, including me, but it is also true that a lot more were cheated far too many times! The harsh fact remains that Bubblews is following a dangerous strategy to sustain its business. I will explain how. I am sure, those who have observed Bubblews keenly for more than an year, will agree with me.

The Rosy Words


There is no dearth of rosy words for the Bubblews custodians and advertisers (the few who haven’t gotten the real taste of it yet) to describe how wonderful everything is on the site. I’ve observed and analyzed everything that has been happening on this site since March, 2013!  Every now and then, the CEO pops in and assures you of doing something out of the world! And, of course, asks you to ‘wait’ for it. If there is something that hasn’t changed ever since Bubblews started off, I guess it’s these rosy words of him!

He never lets you down. He is just next to Plato when it comes to philosophy, life and stuff. He is greater than the greatest ‘change maker’ ever when it comes to changing the face of social media. The web of words woven by him cannot be matched by anybody. Wish they were true! It takes a long time for a bubbler to realize the reality of thorns behind the roses.

And the Thorns

  A rose, at least, gives you happiness, smells great, and adds beauty. Even though thorns accompany it, you can carefully pluck the rose and leave the thorn behind. However, it’s not possible with the Bubblews rose! Why? Because that’s their BUSINESS MODEL.   Didn’t get? Let me explain.   This is a great example of a well-crafted business model with integration of thoughts from philosophy, human needs and wants, psychology, and human habits. Their business model as perceived (and experienced) by me is depicted below.

Created using Piktochart
Created using Piktochart

And yes, the model is ‘sustainable’. Why? There are five major reasons:

  1. The world population is large enough
  2. Growing internet users with less of ‘real’ life and more of ‘virtual life’
  3. Increasing number of people with sickness, stress, anxiety, pain, failed relationships
  4. More number of ‘developing’ countries than ‘developed’ ones. And they need money.
  5. The universal attributes of humans – addiction and easily getting lured into something for money.









They were sweet while encouraging you. They were rude when you asked for your payment. IF this is the hidden business model of any such company, it will not work for sure on a long-term basis. Bubblews Business Model – Rosy words, Thorny deeds? And the news is that the ‘B’ site CLOSES DOWN, finally!

12 thoughts on “Bubblews – Rosy Words, Thorny Deeds?

    1. Oh yes! They are all the members of praising-bunch who have no problems in blindly praising him until he pays. The day he stops paying, they change their colours.

  1. Since I first commented on this article, I have been back to Bubblews and will continue to post once in a while (as time permits), because it is a perfect harvest ground for referrals to make my money elsewhere.

    They give you a place in your profile to post a link, now all I need to do is attract desperate, frustrated, wannabees (of which there are many on there) to visit my profile and see the link. Not what I would call a prime advertising method, but it only takes a few minutes and I like writing anyway.

    They still have a pretty good search engine placement, so an extra backlink sure can’t hurt.

    1. That’s an amazingly whole new way of looking at it!! Wow!
      Yes, their search engine standing is really good and whatever traffic or subscribers we can get from there would be great!! Thanks for sharing this idea 🙂

  2. Bubblews was my first exposure to online earning. I earned good money there till the site was paying. I lost close to $600 when they stopped paying. The worst is that with the site closed, I have lost all my posts there. They closed the site without a warning.

    1. Yes, it was a first-time big-amount earning for a lot of people. Unfortunately, it even wasted the time of many by not paying them eventually. But it opened a whole new perception of online earning for a lot of us.

  3. Even I learnt not to make our plans by thinking of Online earning as a regular feature, but rather think of it as a supplemental bonus money.
    I even have written a few articles/posts on Online sites and need for some kind of a regulation to see crooks not exploiting people and ensuring a bare minimum transparency. In this respect Blogjob, Indyaforums and to some extent Wikinut and Mykites faring better.

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