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IMG-20160205-WA0009Hi, my name is Grace and my birthstone is Aquamarine, so once in a while I use that as my name. On this forum though, I will be going by the name The Contributor as I have been invited as a guest writer. Not for my expertise in writing because I have none whatsoever. From where I’m standing, it seems no one else could take on such a demanding task as not many people wear being “skill-less” as well as I do.

You see the Founder of this blog is a friend whom I met through another online platform, where we were both trying to earn a decent income only for our efforts to go down the drain (we should have seen it coming though).

I would give my age but truth be told, a woman’s age is a matter of national security, so just let it go. I don’t see why I should give my age as I see sportsmen and women do only for it to be false. And on further investigation you realize that my younger brother is older than me. See what I mean?

I have tried writing on different forums and none seems to go well. Whether it’s for my lack of skills or consistency or even the need to make a quick buck we shall never know. Once in awhile I will outdo myself to the extent of me looking back and wondering how brilliant I was and what happened. I guess the older I get the wiser I was.

I am a new mother to the most beautiful girl ever and loving the experience. Keep it here for posts about my motherhood journey.

I am a Kenyan citizen, born and bred (and no I don’t have a lion for a pet, neither do I run marathons). Easy going and fun (at least that’s what I tell myself, though my lack of friends says otherwise). I will say it as it is. I love the idea of love it’s people that I don’t like, especially the negative value addition ones.

I can go and on about my likes and dislikes (and yes, I can see your eyeroll-you don’t care) but then again even my CV is not as privileged to know everything about me so let it go and let’s get this party started…………..