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Most of you might have heard of Swagbucks – the site that pays to take surveys, visit pages and do shopping. A couple of years ago Swagbucks started its Indian operations as well, but the general complaint has been that there is not much opportunity for Indians to earn as the American version offers Americans.

TaskBucks – The APP

With similar concept, a similar sounding Indian app has surfaced. The difference being it’s mainly focussed on compensating users for downloading and trying apps! Along with it we can also earn by filling forms and taking short surveys. This app is called TaskBucks. In terms of Indian currency, the app pays decent amount per download, if you are on an unlimited data plan or using WiFi. If you are using pay-as-you-go mobile data plan, it’s not recommended

How TaskBucks Works

It pays anywhere between Re 1 to Rs. 25 per app download. Some apps require you to sign up after download. Most of the apps have to be retained for about 7 days in order to get paid. Once this time period passes and you have claimed your reward for that app, you are free to delete it from your phone. Once you accumulate a minimum of Rs. 20 you can redeem it for prepaid/postpaid mobile recharge or into your Paytm wallet as Paytm cash. Currently redemption can be made in the denominations of 20, 25 and 30.

Earning Potential

Well, so how much can we earn on TaskBucks?

You can earn at least Rs. 100 per week in the first few weeks if you haven’t already installed some of the apps that TaskBucks offers. I earned Rs. 100 on an average in my first 3 weeks on TaskBucks. Then it started decreasing and I have so far earned Rs. 500 in 2 months. Not bad just for downloading apps for free! It also offers micro tasks like visiting web pages or app pages on play store which pays Rs. 0.10 – Rs. 0.50.

Blunt Review of TaskBucks

TaskBucks, though a good App for Indians to earn for downloading and filling forms, is a half-scam if you ask me. They have resorted to many unfair means to avoid paying the users. The result is, you lose your mobile data for the downloads and also you are not paid for it! When you express this as a review on Play Store, they ask you to send them an e-mail. When you do send the e-mail, you will never get a response, which shows that there is something fishy out there!

I gave a brief account of what TaskBucks is and how it works above. Now let me take you through some of their ugly means of fooling you.

  • You download an app from the list. It says you would be paid a certain amount today and then a certain amount for keeping it for 7 days. As soon as you download, the particular app vanishes from the list of apps in your taskbucks account. You are neither paid for the download nor for keeping it for 7 days!
  • Sometimes, luckily for you, the app doesn’t vanish. With the hope of being paid, you keep the app for 7-10 days. You are neither paid for the download nor for keeping it!
  • The third scenario is a twist! Sometimes it so happens that you are either paid or not paid for a download, and the app disappears from the list. All of a sudden, after MANY days, it reappears and says it would pay you if you keep it for 7 more days! Isn’t it a good trick to make users keep an app for more days at a lower cost?

There are many apps for which I wasn’t paid. They were all fresh downloads onto my phone. I even sent them a mail with the list of apps for which I was not paid, but in vain. Nobody cared to reply.

So, in a nutshell, if you just want to try it out, and if you have unlimited mobile data or WiFi, you can go for it. But be prepared to give up on missing payments!

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