Eco-Friendly Areca Leaf Disposables

Disposables and Misconceptions

We use scary amount of plastic cups, plates, tumblers, etc (disposables) these days, may it be in small get-together parties, picnics, or big functions and meetings. These disposables are, undoubtedly, easy to carry, cheap and very useful. But, we hardly give a thought on their effects on the environment.

Since the concern for environment started growing, we resorted to use paper plates and cups instead of plastic ones. It is our misconception that paper plates are Eco-friendly products. In fact, they are more harmful to the environment than plastic ones, in my view, because we fell the trees to get paper. Yes, paper plates are degradable unlike plastic ones, but a great deal of pollution is caused while manufacturing paper.

 An Aesthetic Alternative in Areca

Areca tree with nuts (photo credit: Wikipedia)
Areca tree with nuts (photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the above context, areca/palm leaf disposables, in my opinion, are a great substitute for plastic/paper disposables. To make areca leaf disposables, there is no need of felling trees. Also there won’t be water or air pollution while making these plates, nor is it harmful after usage, as it is biodegradable. Just imagine how much we can contribute to environmental conservation if we use these plates and cups wherever we now use plastic/paper ones. Below is a list of some features of these products.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Aesthetic value
  • Easy to make

To top it all, plates and cups of almost any shape and size can be made with areca leaves.

 Of course, the large scale production of such products may be difficult owing to non-availability of areca/palm trees everywhere. Yet, we can make significant difference to our environment by using and promoting such products. They are not too costly to buy either.

The video below shows the steps in the manufacturing of areca leaf plates. It is not a commercial video, but an informational one, made by an NGO.

So, if you have access to any such natural products, better use them rather than using environmentally harmful plastic/paper products.

2 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Areca Leaf Disposables

  1. There are probably no more guilty people on the planet than the Americans (of which I am one) and I wish they would all read this. We don’t have the same resource in large enough quantity, but I bet someone could think of something along these lines.

    1. Yes, that’s the purpose of this article.. I am sure we can find such resources in every region of this planet. Even here in India, the areca trees can’t be found everywhere. So, this alternative can be helpful only in a small region.

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