Hither Comes Ether

Ether is a fairly new kid in the crypto currency world. Since 2014, Ether as a crypto currency has been growing steadily. The first phase or step of Ethereum development was called Frontier. On the 14th of March, the Homestead version was released. And it was just before this that the price of Ether shot up drastically up to $15.

Why Should You Take Ether Seriously?

Ether is termed as Bitcoin 2.0. A dedicated development team called ETHDEV is engaged in developing Ether. Prominent mining companies like Genesis Mining and HashFlare have quickly got into Ether mining and have started offering contracts to their members similar to their Bitcoin and Altcoin contracts.

The adoption of Ether by crypto currency enthusiasts has been extremely fast and encouraging. The price of Ether reached $15 from $2 in just one month between 1st week of Feb and 1st week of March, 2016. This massive increase in its rate encouraged traders and has brought Ether to the limelight.

How Can You Use Ether?

As of now, there haven’t been any initiatives to introduce mainstream use of Ether. However, it can be easily traded for other crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc. It may not be too long before new companies and services come up around Ether just like BTCjam, Purseio, etc.

What is the Easy Way to Earn Ether?

Well, there are TWO easy ways to POSSESS ether. One is to MINE (or earn) and the other is to BUY.

Ether Pool Mining

Although ether mining is possible individually, it is not advisable unless you can invest big amounts in hardware. Also, it will be really tough to do that with big companies like Genesis Mining and others already in the league. So, it’s better to just jump into the pool and use the services offered by such companies to mine Ether for ourselves.

Genesis Mining offers 1-year Ether contract at the rate of $44 for 1 MH/s hashpower. You can see an estimate of the amount of Ether that can be mined with specific hashpower in this calculator. The payback period may vary from 2 months to 5 months based on the exchange rate of ether.

Buying Ether

The other option is to just buy ether from an exchange at the current price. You can wait until its price rises and make profits by selling it.

To discuss and explore more about Ether and to trade Ether, you can visit ETHER FORUM and for more geeky (over the head) stuff, you can visit Ethereum Forum


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  1. After long time I am posting in this site, I cannot create Ethereum account. What is the easy way to create an account in Ethereum.

  2. Thanks Narayana, I have created my account with your link, but I have not understand there two download tabs. What are the use of those two download tabs, I have downloaded them but both are not working/i have not understand . Kindly direct me more easy way to create the Ether wallet please.

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