Review of Forumcoin – A Paid-to-Post Forum

Review of Forumcoin

It’s an apt name for a forum site that pays to post! Yes, Forumcoin is a forum that pays you real money to engage in the community discussing about various topics, giving and getting suggestions and sharing knowledge. Like other forums, it has its own rules that are to be followed strictly if you need to get paid. Β So here is a first hand review of Forumcoin after using it for almost 3 months and getting paid.

What can you Talk About?

There are 4 core forum categories for discussion:

  1. Off topic – called General Chat
  2. Computers, Gaming and Technology – called CGT in short
  3. Webmaster Questions, Discussion & News
  4. Business, Money & Wealth – called BMW in short

In addition to these categories, there is a category each for Forumcoin related discussions and ForumCoin exchanges. Let us see what these categories are about in detail and their respective pay rates for posting. The currency used to pay in this forum is ForumCoin (FC) and its current exchange rate is 1FC = 0.01 USD

General Chat – Off Topic

As the name suggests, you can chat about anything here as far as it follows the general guidelines of the community. No referral links are allowed in this topic. Posts and topics in this section are worth 1 FC each.


This category is for posts and discussions related to Computers, Gaming and Technology. You can share news, tricks, fixes, and other related things. You found a new game? Need some help or advice to play a game? Want guidance on computers and technical stuff? you can post them here and the community could help you or you could help someone! And in the process, you earn some Forumcoins! Rate: 1 FC per post and topic

Webmaster Questions, Discussion & News

This category is for web-related topics. You can discuss about websites, web-development, web-designing, forum and blog set-up and management, and such like. This pays you 1.5 FC per topic created and per post in a topic.


It kind of fits in well, isn’t it? Although it’s not about the luxury cars of BMW, it’s still about money and wealth! You are free to discuss about other money making sites, bitcoin and other crypto currencies and business. However, you are NOT allowed to share referral links in this section, too. Pay rate is 1.5 FC per topic and per post.

In addition to these, posts on New Member Introduction pays 1 FC, and on other sections the pay is lower. The current rule limits the users to earn ONLY FROM 10 posts in a 24-hour period.

Why Use ForumCoin

Okay, first of all ForumCoin PAYS to post. When it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a genuine, transparent and honest paid-to-post website, ForumCoin is refreshing. It’s been paying since 2013 and is a respected online forum when it comes to maintaining high standards of discussions, site management, communication, and of course, payments.

Going beyond payments, the forum offers you a lot of scope to make connections and expose yourself. Β It opens up wide range of opportunities in terms of learning, earning, get products and services, as you get to know many other sites and people through the forum. You can offer services and get paid or get services by paying with FC or any other means through the ForumCoin Exchanges section or Promote your links, sites and blogs through Other Member Ad Promotion, a sub-forum within ForumCoin Exchanges. To post an ad to buy or sell products or services in exchange for ForumCoin you will be charged just 5 FC. It’s like you earn FC by posting and use the same money to buy and sell services or products, if you wish to!! Isn’t it cool?

Payment Proof

FC payment
ForumCoin payment proof

It’s a first hand review, I said in the beginning. I know this review of ForumCoin isn’t complete until I present the payment proof. I have got paid once from ForumCoin so far. It would have been more, but I used up the FCs for different services and payments, so my second payment hasn’t happened yet!

I received the payment within 10 hours of requesting. It would have been sooner if I had requested in working hours though. Here is the screenshot of the e-mail from Paypal.

If you feel it’s interesting, you can join ForumCoin using the button below.



12 thoughts on “Review of Forumcoin – A Paid-to-Post Forum

    1. Well, if it was viable then they would have definitely allowed it..Earlier it used to be 25 posts which was then reduced to 17 before further reducing to 10. Anyway we wouldn’t have much to contribute everyday. You might have observed that members used to just post a random comment just to complete their quota of 17 posts. Such restrictions are sometimes useful to maintain quality and sustainability of a site. At least we can be happy that they are paying promptly, no matter how little an amount.

  1. Thanks for the great review of ForumCoin. Your support is most appreciated and will help our community grow.

    Thanks for your comment Bharat, we would love to pay members for more than ten posts per day. However, we implemented this restriction to ensure the long term viability of the community. As the review says, we have been around since 2013, have proved ourselves to be reliable and trustworthy and have never reduced the value of the ForumCoin currency.

    1. It’s my pleasure to post an honest review of an honest site, Fergal! And yes, thanks for mentioning the most important point in reply to Bharat, which I forgot to include in the post..Yes, it’s noteworthy that the value of ForumCoin hasn’t been reduced and kept constant at 0.01 USD per FC. Thanks for your valuable comment πŸ™‚

    2. Hi Fergal,

      I understand your point but can’t you implement some kind of rating algorithm in which members that post quality post get a higher rating and are able to contribute more posts and members with poor quality posts get a lower rating and limited ability to post. If you implement this, then make sure that you keep rating as anonymous as otherwise there will be few members that will make groups for rating each other positively.

  2. Thanks Narayan and Bharat. A rating system to reward more ForumCoin for higher quality posts is something we wish to implement in the future. However, it will take a little time.

    1. Thanks for the positive response, Fergal πŸ™‚ We look forward to the growth of ForumCoin and we are excited to know that the system suggested by Bharat is under consideration πŸ™‚

  3. Forum Coin is a trusted and legit site. I have been paid many times there. The decrease in pay rates some time back were disappointing but I can understand as sometimes it’s necessary to take such tough steps for long term sustainability of the site.

  4. Thanks very much shaloo walia, we are delighted to have you as a member and your positive contributions are very helpful to the ForumCoin community.

  5. Ah, forumcoin, my favourite site. This articles was written in December 2015 and here we are in Dec 2017 and it’s still going, still paying and outliving many of its competitors.

    I joined in July 2015 and I’m still visiting every day and enjoying it just as much.

    1. Very true. For the owner Fergal, Forumcoin is very close to the heart, so he goes the extra mile to keep the site running. Nice to see long time members like you still with the site πŸ™‚

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