Quizbook: Get Paid to Answer Quiz

Earn money to answer quizzes – how exciting is that? I am sure it will sound exciting to everyone who has even the slightest interest in quiz! Quizbook is such an innovative website that pays you REAL money to take quizzes. Yes, it’s true that you can get paid to answer quiz!

Quizbook or Quiz Trivia?

Quizbook is the website I am introducing to you. Please note that the url of the website doesn’t have the word ‘[linker q=”Quizbook” gtm=”merchant” id=”Declarer_Play_at_Bridge__A_Quizbook” ft=”fetchProducts” fb=”Declarer_Play_at_Bridge__A_Quizbookquery_Quizbook_~”]Quizbook[/linker]’. In fact, it’s ‘quiz-trivia’ in the url. So don’t get confused. They are the same!

Get Paid to Answer Quiz

Now, let’s see how we can earn real money by taking quiz on Quizbook. I am making it simple with the bullet points below.

  • Each quiz contains 20 questions
  • You have to choose the correct answer among the options within 10 seconds
  • No negative points
  • 0.20 point for each correct answer
  • For every 10 points you are paid 1 cent ( USD 0.01)
  • You can take 10 such quizzes daily in standard (free) membership (total of 200 questions)

Payment Rate is Low – Why Should I Use it?

Now, it may seem really low a payment. Yes, it is low as you get only 0.20 cent for 10 correct answers. But the fact that it’s a fun activity makes it worth the time. Quizzes can always make you excited, relieve stress, refresh and rejuvenate your minds, no matter what age-group you belong to! Do you agree?

Of course you can’t use it as a major money-making avenue, but it’s a bonus to get paid for refreshing our minds with a cool break of quizzes! You can also earn 20% from referral earnings.

Minimum Payout

Minimum payout on Quizbook is $5. Payments are made via PayPal when you request it through the ‘My Account’ section. There is no fee charged for the payments.

The Trick

It may seem pretty boring for you after a couple of quizzes seeing the earning move slowly. However, it is advisable to stay back and continue. So when the questions repeat, you can get it right on the next attempts if you had got it wrong in the first or you can earn more if you already know the answer 😉 That’s how those who have redeemed could do it more easily and quickly!

Is Quizbook Legit?

The most important question! Well, it IS LEGIT as of now and is very professional. I must say that I have not yet redeemed on Quizbook, but I know people who have done it not once but many times. Although it is mentioned in the site that it may take 5-10 days to process the payments, the people I know have received it within 2 days! Quizbook serves Adsense ads for its revenue, which can be considered as one of the points for its credibility. There are people who have taken it as a challenge and completed the quota of all 1000 questions in a day. Well, it may not be possible for all, but it’s a very cool site to just hang out for a few minutes daily.

If you find it is something different and interesting, and if you love to have a side earning for doing something you enjoy, JOIN QUIZBOOK NOW here or through the banner below.



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  1. I have already read about this Quizbook long back itself, I am not intelligent to participate in the Quizes. I never participated in my school or college time. The revenue also very very low, so I am not having that much interest to join and participate in Quizbook site.

    1. If you never participated as a kid, you can do it now hehe 😛
      It’s up to the individual’s interest.. There are people who love to do it in spite of low pay rates because it’s fun and refreshing.

  2. i am joining this because it’s fun and the payment will keep me going.

  3. joining this will keep my mind busy.i am intrested too

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