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Internet is full of opportunities – for jobs, recreation, knowledge, learning and earning. These days, the internet has engulfed our thoughts and actions, and has penetrated deep into our life. Almost every problem has been attempted to be solved with the help of internet. Among them, online shopping of products and services is making waves currently. There are numerous companies competing fiercely against each other to grab the attention of ever-growing internet-savvy online customers.

Similarly there are many companies that are offering cashback for clicking though their sites when you shop online. They operate on the commissions received from the sites to whom they refer you. The pioneer among those sites and the most talked about one is GoPaisa . Here is an honest account of my experience with Gopaisa and a guide on how to earn real money as commission from Gopaisa.

PS: Sorry for the plain text. The Gopaisa guys didn’t give me permission to post screenshots!!!

How to Earn Commission from Gopaisa

  • In simple terms, if you visit your shopping site (like Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart, etc) ‘through’ Gopaisa and end up purchasing in the same session, you will earn the specified percentage of cash back in your GoPaisa wallet. Yes, it means you have to have an account in Gopaisa.com.
  • The transaction will be tracked in your Gopaisa account as the expected cashback amount is shown (which is usually the base amount for the particular site)
  • After two months, the actual cashback is credited to your Gopaisa wallet (as confirmed by the merchant site) and you will be notified via e-mail
  • You can redeem the accumulated cashback via various modes like recharge, Paytm cash, bank transfer, Mobikwik, shopping vouchers, etc.
  • You will be charged Rs.99 withdrawal fee for every Rs. 1000 for your first withdrawal, and the subsequent withdrawals will be free (Not sure if I’ve understood it right)

You can watch this official Gopaisa Youtube video to know how it works.

My current balance in Gopaisa wallet since I began in May, 2015, is Rs. 886/-, i.e, my average earning is Rs. 150/-. Of course it depends on the amount of shopping you do through GoPaisa.


It is not about the drawbacks about Gopaisa, per se, but it’s the case with all the cashback sites. The transaction can be considered only if authorised by the partner merchant sites. If they decline it without stating any reason, we will have to accept it. Even Gopaisa is helpless, as they too don’t get any commission for that transaction!

Points to take care of

  • Make sure you read the details of the offer – percentage cashback for each product category, site, etc
  • Make sure to clear your browser cookies and cache before logging in to Gopaisa so that your transaction is tracked successfully
  • Non-tracking of SNAPDEAL transactions cannot be questioned. It was the only transaction out of 25+ transactions so far that was not tracked. When I asked Gopaisa about it, I go the reply that Snapdeal doesn’t entertain any questions regarding it.

Gopaisa App

Recently Gopaisa released its app to simplify its usage, as the app-based market is growing now. However, the app-to-app linking hasn’t been done yet except for flipkart. We will have to use the merchant stores’ mobile sites if we click from the Gopaisa App. As per Gopaisa, the app-to-app feature will be available soon for all the stores.


Gopaisa support team is frank and transparent. They reply to your queries honestly, and let you know if they are unable to help, unlike some sites where you are kept hanging without response. There is very less requirement of customer support if you have done the simple things right – clearing cache, logging in to Gopaisa, visiting your shopping sites through Gopaisa, and completing the purchase in the same session, as everything else is done by Gopaisa automatically.

Go for Gopaisa

Gopaisa claims to be the highest paying cashback site. In many cases, it is true. But what matters to me the most is the ease of using the site and the app. The stores and offers are easy to find as they are neatly listed and are always updated. The most used stores are on the homepage itself. If you need anything, the search box works like a charm. So, my take is that if a site can pay you the promised cashback even if it is after 2 months of your actual transaction, you can trust it!  The summary of my using Gopaisa for 6 months is in the below table.

No. of transactions through GopaisaNo. of transactions trackedNo. of transactions confirmedAmount earned in RsPeriod
434240185712 months

While the Snapdeal transaction wasn’t tracked, other 12 are pending (waiting for confirmation from the merchants). Earlier it used to take 2 months for confirmation, but now it takes 3 months.

From my experience, you can surely GO for GOPAISA!




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