Healthy Natural Drinks for Summer

Natural thirst quencher - tender coconut

Our tendency is to go for soft drinks and ice creams during summer. Soft drinks seem to be the most effective quenchers of our thirst when the sun burns on us. Although there are many good natural drinks that we can have, we seem to be seeking solace only in the unhealthy soft drinks. Here are a few natural, healthy thirst quenchers for summer.

Tender Coconut Water

Natural thirst quencher - tender coconutCoconut water/ Tender Coconut water is a nature’s gift to quench our thirst. It is a great source of useful minerals and is very healthy. It could be a bit more expensive than the soft drinks in some countries, but it’s worth to spend more considering its health benefits. The coconut tree is called in India as a tree that gives whatever you wish for! It’s no wonder it’s called so, because almost all of its parts are useful, of which the water is a godsend in the summer!

Butter Milk

ButtermilkButtermilk is another great alternative to soft drinks. If it is refrigerated, it tastes even greater. In rural India, it is widely used as one of the thirst quenchers, specially in the summer. The rural practices, in most instances, are in sync with nature and our body needs. Its health benefits are amazing, and is suitable as a summer drink. It can be made even better tasting by adding salt, green pepper, coriander leaves (cilantro) or mint leaves (pudina), etc, and it’s called Masala Chanch or Masala buttermilk.

Kokum Juice

kokumKokum (Garcinia indica) is a highly nutritious fruit which naturally grows in tropical rain forests. It’s juice makes a great drink for summer. It gives you a refreshing feeling when you drink it after coming home from outside on a sunny day! The demand for kokum juice and squash is ever growing and there are lots of rural folks whose livelihood depends on it. It would be great if we can help someone by drinking kokum juice along with helping our own health!

This is just a small list of some great natural thirst quenchers. Don’t go for soft drinks and other unhealthy drinks blindly when you have so many other natural alternatives which are beneficial to your health, too. Have a great Summer!!

9 thoughts on “Healthy Natural Drinks for Summer

  1. Kokum juice is one I have never had. I got for water or coffee 🙂

    Some people around here down beer but not me, yuck.

    1. Thanks for the link 🙂 yes, back then we were all rich with such resources.. It’s a sad state now 🙁 hey, do u like its pulp? I don’t waste that either…

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