How Freecharge Fools its Customers

how freecharge fools its customers

This is a classic example of how some companies venture into unethical means to get business. Well, I agree most of the companies practice such means to attract customers, but it’s also true that they won’t be at the top for long. In the long run, only those companies that withhold at least some ethical values in their operations stand tall while others perish. In this post I will quickly take you through one of the ugly tricks these payment sites/wallets play in the name of cashback. This will show you how Freecharge fools its customers.

The E-mail With a Cashback Offer

how freecharge fools its customersThe e-mail I received from Freecharge on 9th March, 2016 at 12:08 PM said I would get 20% cashback if I paid BESCOM bill. Like all the offers, I thought this could have some catch and decided to read everything before going ahead, as I had been fooled once by Mobikwik.


The second screenshot makes it clear that the offer how freecharge fools its customersis valid till 16th March for BESCOM bill payments. I guess it’s pretty clear for anybody who can read and understand simple English. Well, yes, usually these companies add a clause saying they have the right to change the offer anytime at their sole discretion without prior notice. Fine, I decided to check that too, so that I can take a decision accordingly. Since my bill is generated after 12th, I couldn’t pay it immediately

how freecharge fools its customers
The “Terms and Conditions”

when the offer was e-mailed. So, here are the “Terms and Conditions” for you!

Nowhere it says that they can change the offer anytime. And all the points are clear. It is applicable to all users and for all the payment methods. The DATE, again, is 16th March, 2016.




Payment and the Post-Payment Drama

This month, my bill was generated late and I got it on 16th March. I didn’t find the particular offer in the “offers” list of Freecharge app. But since not all the offers are listed there usually, I decided to check my email again, and make sure I am eligible for it. I then paid the bill on the same day. I waited for two days for the cashback, but when there was no sign of receiving it, I contacted the customer support. The response I got was as below:

We’re sorry to inform you that this offer has now expired. It was valid for the period 10/03/16. You will not be receiving any benefits of the offer if your transaction was done beyond this time frame.
To ensure that you’re always up-to-date about our latest offers, follow us on Facebook/Twitter. We hope you make the best of our upcoming offers. 🙂
We would like to inform you that the 20% cashback offer was valid till 16th march 2016 then the same plan has been revised till 10th march 2016. So the cashback is not eligible for the transaction made above 10th march 2016.

How Freecharge Fools its Customers – The Cheap Trick

Now, did you get that cheap little trick they played? Within a day, they seemingly  “revised” the offer!! And surprisingly, this time they didn’t send out any e-mails about their great “revised” offer! So, if they didn’t send an email for the revised offer, who told them to email the original offer?

Also, why is it that we get offer e-mails only occasionally and not always??

Their intention was to cheat, and that is why they didn’t have any “promo code” for this particular offer when they have one for every little offer.. always!! Because, if you apply a promo code, you will know whether it’s valid or not even before you make the payment!!! I hope you are getting how the little unethical trick works for companies like this.

I am not sure how long they can survive by following such tactics. No surprise they are into this, because they are now a part of Snapdeal which also knows such tricks very well.

Did you have any similar experience with Freecharge or such sites?


2 thoughts on “How Freecharge Fools its Customers

  1. This is a clear cut of being taken to a consumer court. Do you use Publish this there.
    Also, this is a blatant violation of ethical practices. I have seen Jabong too has too many conditions on offers, but “back-dating” – this is unique.

    1. I agree.. I have encountered similar things with Mobikwik too (twice or thrice). Actually, publishing it in mouthshut or anywhere doesn’t affect such big companies.. They don’t lose too many customers as all are looking for offers these days and use it no matter which site it is. But I am sure that in the longer run, they will face the consequences of these unethical business practices.

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