I too Want a Padma Award

Padma Awards are the great awards conferred to deserving achievers on the eve of Republic Day of India. These awards were supposed to be a way of saluting those exceptional people who served the nation in their own field. However, over the years, they too have become the playground for dirty politics!

It’s not About Who; it’s About Why

I have nothing against any individual’s credibility for the Padma Awards. Of course, to be able to get recognized, they must have done something above normal in their respective fields. However, I have my concerns about the intention behind giving these awards to the particular achievers or choosing them over the others.

Why was Dr. Chitranjan Singh Ranawat given Padma Bhushan after he performed Vajpayee’s surgery?

Why was Teesta Setalvad given Padma Shri by the UPA government?

Why was Anupam Kher given Padma Bhushan after he openly supported the NDA government?

What is Madhur Bhandarkar’s contribution?

Is it mandatory to include cinema artists for Padma awards at any cost?

Yes, these are the questions an average under-achiever Indian citizen gets in his ignorant mind!

Hypocrisy at its Best

One of the good actors in Indian cinema got the prestigious Padma Bhushan this time. And apparently he felt “honoured” and “humbled”. That’s great. But a little birdie called Twitter says he called the same awards a mockery of our system! Oh, fine, I think the fact that he has received the award now, he is obligated to feel honoured.









I too Want a Padma Award

I am an average, foolish citizen who can’t muster the courage to fight against the system. Because there is no system!

I will have to bribe the nurse to get proper care in a hospital.

I will have to have a doctor friend or relative so I don’t get robbed by the hospitals. And if I have a medical insurance, then I am sure to be robbed with exponential bills.

I will have to bribe the policeman who asks for it shamelessly to verify my passport application.

I will have to pay “something” to the postman who delivers the passport!

I will have to put up with local politician who is ready to render people homeless for his personal gains.

I will have to put up with the city development authority which grabs land illegally by itself, but throws out those who innocently build their houses on lands converted by panchayat.

I know there is a “percentage” everyone in the government departments should give to those higher in the ladder. 

I struggle to live my life with increasing costs and have to bang my head against the walls when my elected representatives can hike their own salaries to unimaginable levels.

I don’t get a seat in a good college for my studies when I know that thousands of seats are going unfilled.

I don’t get an education loan without collateral even when the rule says otherwise. I pay highest rate of interest for education loan while someone pays the lowest for a car that he will drive alone and cause traffic jams!

And so on.

Anupam Kher meme
Don’t be like Anup

Yes, I bear so much. I am not even a foreigner (although foreigners get Padma awards!!). I don’t have black money. In fact, there is no stock of even white money in my account by the end of the month. I struggled on my own. I work. I am paying back my loan. I pay my rent and utilities bill (unlike elected representatives). I am highly tolerant of all this.

Yes, I deserve a Padma Award. I too want a Padma Award!

A final thought. Even if I don’t get a Padma Award eventually, I won’t be an Anup.

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