Irresponsibe Act of Hubpages – A Case

Every website, may it be a social site, a writing site, or an online store or whatever, has its own rules. If we want to use a website, we must abide by the rules, which is fine. But, do the websites also have anything that they should abide by? A website – HubPages – that is proud of its ‘quality’ compels one to ponder over the above question.

OK, yes, users don’t document anything under something called TOS or FAQs, but does that mean the websites shouldn’t have any ethical standards for themselves? Can anybody define the ethical responsibilities of websites?

This is a case of an irresponsible act of HubPages and its lack of ethics.

Rules for You, None for us!

These questions came to my mind when I was banned from a so-called writing site for ‘quality’ content. They never followed whatever they had stated in their website (in my case) and “banned” me “permanently” due to “repeated” violation of their rules! The fact, however, remains that they never warned me for violations in spite of them having a tool set up to check for violations and warn the users. I hope you’ve guessed the name of the website by now. Well, so they suspended me without a word. But they didn’t do what they should’ve done with a sense of responsibility, and that really triggered my blood pressure.

The Unethical and Irresponsible Part

After repeated harsh e-mails, I finally got a response from them saying my account was permanently deleted for repeated violations and that that was the last time I would hear from them! Fine, I thought. But my sub-domain on that site still existed with my profile picture, username and introduction! How disrespectful and mean was that?!

It’s unbelievable that you call yourself a respected site and apparently have ‘high’ standards, but you don’t have the common sense to delete all the details of a ‘banned’ person from your darn site! HubPages is an irresponsible website.

Fight for Your Right

I waited for it to be removed before communicating with them again. However, there was no sign of them taking it down. After a few days I sent a threatening e-mail that if they didn’t remove my details along with my original photograph, I would have to write about it online and spread the word. And that was how the ‘quality’ website deleted my details from their site and helped me bring down my blood pressure!

2 thoughts on “Irresponsibe Act of Hubpages – A Case

  1. I’m surprised they deleted it. I have some leftover profiles that have been used for many years without my consent, but hey at least people get to know me. If they see my photo somewhere I am active, it might trigger a certain degree of recognition, even if they don’t remember where they saw me.

    I even have my name being disgraced on a Spam website and can’t get it removed, but I am surprised every once in a while by someone who found it and emailed me that they instantly recognized it as a troll event. Now I have one more chance to make a new contact.

    1. hehe 🙂 That’s a good way to look at it.. I was furious about the fact that they deleted me and claimed that they had repeatedly warned me of my faults, which they hadn’t.. So that got over me and when I threatened them they removed it fully.

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