Is it a Proud Moment or Shameful Moment?

pathankot attack

On Saturday, 2nd Jan, there was a news report of an attack on the Indian Airforce Base in Pathankot, Punjab. PM Modi, Pakistan, all the local politicians and media condemned the attack. The media proudly reported that the terrorists’ attack has been failed by the Indian defence and that 5 terrorists were killed. PM Modi also announces proudly in his address to a gathering at a function that the Indian security forces killed the terrorists and failed their intentions. But after you dig out more stats, you will start wondering if it is something we should be proud of, or to be ashamed of!

Killed: Who killed whom?

The headlines says “5 Terrorists Killed”. Okay, I agree on humanitarian grounds that it’s not something to be happy about, no matter who is killed. But well, since they came to do harm, let’s say it’s fair. But if you, as an Indian or as an anti-terrorist, tend to feel happy that their efforts were failed by the army, then hold on. You ought to read the news fully! They mention either in the sub-heading or in the content of the news that 3 soldiers were also killed in this battle!! So, what’s the net gain of the good over bad? Just two lives?? Who killed whom here? Who is proud of killing whom? Who is proud of saving whom?

The Value of a Soldier’s Life

We tend to ignore the fact that innumerable lives of soldiers are lost in such fights against terrorism. We just focus on the larger picture. We hardly get to see or hear the names of such brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation’s cause. But we definitely get to know the names of the terrorists, their native village, the place they were trained, the outfit they belong to, their spouses’ names, and everything! But who cares about the poor soldier? Yes, he saved us from a bigger mishap! But who cares?


7 thoughts on “Is it a Proud Moment or Shameful Moment?

    1. Yes, and it’s a shame how easily they attack each time.. it all seems so simple. In spite of spending such large amounts of money on defence, how can such attacks be carried out so easily?

      1. The problem is not really with spending money. It is with the attitude.

        I saw a bollywood movie where the Hero said – there are countries who stand nowhere in front of us yet they dream of defeating us; they do so because we aren’t united at all.

        The problem is that politics is popped in even serious life -matters like terrorism. It is a sad and disappointing story.

        I agree with your points. Whether we win OR they but humanity suffers in each case.

        Regarding how can such attacks be carried out? It is like an analogy.

        Paris attacks
        London Blasts
        San Bernardino attack
        9/11 plane crashes
        This attack

        All at different times and different locations, but 1 thing is common. Terrorists got support from at least few local people. We humans have the habit of paving way of our own destruction. 🙁

        1. Sorry, but some of those attacks can’t be compared to attacks in India. Those countries are being exposed to terrorism just now, but India has been in suffering this for long.. in spite of that we seem to be less prepared than them! In the above mentioned attacks, they either caught the culprits or killed them, but in many cases in India, we don’t even know who the attacker was even after many years!!

          1. We know who the attacker was but we do not intend to punish. My be problem with local laws, may be political gain.

  1. I understand what you are talking about. Seems just killing terrorist is what matters to people and not those lives that are doing the deed.

    1. The army personnel are being treated badly. They are being made to protest for a respectable amount of pension and other facilities.

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