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IMG_20160218_211212671I happened to spot a new brand of instant noodles in the grocery shop today. I decided to try it out and bought it. It’s called JOYMEE. Well, it is new to me, but it’s been in the market for some time now, maybe 2-3 months. I’m not sure, though. However, it’s relatively a new entrant in the instant noodles market, especially after the Nestle Maggi debate.


IMG_20160218_211546779 I bought the 12 rupees pack and it seemed that the fried onion pieces was their USP! So, Joymee noodles offers something extra, something more than other instant noodles brands like Maggi and Yippie; that is the fried onion pieces to be sprinkled on the noodles after it’s cooked.

The packing, as seen, is very attractive. I must admit that this attractive packing caught my attention in the shop and I readily decided to try it out. I followed the instructions and put the noodles in the boiling water and stirred for 1 minute. Then I mixed the masala taste-maker which looked a bit light in colour than the maggi one. After cooking I sprinkled the fried Onion pieces as suggested.

IMG_20160218_212649324Well, about the taste, it seemed a bit less on salt. But I assumed it’s because of my adding extra water towards the end as I saw it was getting dry. I like noodles a bit soupy. But in general, the masala was mild. Not bad, though. It was really tasting good. And yes, the USP – fried onion pieces – added a good taste, too. They tasted like the onion pakodas. And for the same price of maggi, it’s good they are offering something more, whatever it might be!

It was a refreshing experience of a different-tasting noodles after getting used to Maggi for so many years. Last month I had tried Patanjali noodles and it was okay.  Hope you too try Joymee noodles next time 🙂

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