Luminati Review: Innovative, Secure and Low Cost Proxy

Imagine the below scenarios.

  1. You are a company selling products/services and are researching your competitors’ pricing strategy in different parts of the world. If you check their sites from your usual internet connection, you will see the local pricing. And if you use normal VPNs like HideMyAss, they can be detected and some sites even block such IP addresses. Then what’s the workaround?
  2. You are a marketing or web design agency. Your client has a policy of giving access to their website only for specific IP addresses that they will whitelist in their system. But, your employees work from different IP addresses, maybe from home, while travelling, or maybe they are outsourced contractors / remote workers from around the globe. How do you solve this issue?

Luminati – the best proxy solution

In the scenarios explained above, and in many other similar scenarios, Luminati provides the best, secure, and highly affordable solution. It’s in fact one of the very few such proxy network providers that are innovative, cost-effective and flexible with multiple service types.

Luminati Features

  • Usage-based pricing
  • Flexible pricing based on the number of IPs, cooling period and number of websites to be accessed
  • Auto-recharge facility to avoid the service from being cut off
  • MAC and Windows installations
  • Chrome browser extension

Types of Proxies offered by Luminati

Whether you are a personal user, a freelancer, an agency or an enterprise – there is something for everyone in the types of proxies offered by Luminati.

Data Centre Proxies

The best (for me) and the cheapest is Data Centre IPs. These are IP addresses of data centres around the world that have registered with Luminati. You can purchase shared IPs which can be used by others along with you – there are options of both pay per IP and pay per usage (GB). If you don’t want others to share your IP, then you could also go for Exclusive IPs option for a small extra fee. I have used exclusive IPs in Data Centre proxy and it costs just about $3 per month for quite a lot of usage. Rate also depends on the cooling period you choose (period for which the IP was not used by anyone before you purchased). So if you choose zero cooling period, it will cost you much lesser.

The current cost is approximately broken down as:

  • $0.10 / GB of usage
  • Fixed charge of $2 / month (if you want to access ANY website; if it’s just any 1 or 2 particular domains, then it will be lesser)
  • Fixed charge of $0.60 / IP address (You can have multiple IP addresses)

As you can see, the pricing is very flexible based on your usage, no. of IPs you want, etc.

Luminati trial banner


Static and Rotating Residential Proxies

Luminati also offers residential IPs that are even less likely to be detected as proxies. These are real residential IP addresses used by real people in their homes. These IPs are available because the owners have agreed to share it with the Luminati network. If you are on a Static IP, then you use the same IP always and if you are on Rotating IPs, then the IPs keep changing without affecting your usage.

Mobile Proxies

Luminati also offers mobile proxies, i.e, the 3G / 4G connections of real mobile users of the city / country you want to use it from.

I have not given details of all the pricing as it is likely to keep changing, but the overall pricing has been nearly constant and fair for a long time now.


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