PollBuzzer Review: The Survey Site That Stands Out

pollbuzzer review

The common opinion of paid-to-answer survey sites, specially among Asians, is that they just collect information from us and never really pay. I agree on it to a large extent. Usually, after taking our info, we are shown a message saying we don’t qualify for the survey. In fact, on some occasions, after spending 10-15 minutes on surveys, I’ve been shown such messages! The other major problem with such sites is that we hardly receive any surveys to take.  Well, there is a refreshing site that’s a lot different than many other survey site – it’s called PollBuzzer. This PollBuzzer Review is an honest experience of a year’s association with the survey site.

Profile Details, Survey Frequency and Numbers

Let me get straight to the points. According to them, my profile is just 42% complete. And I didn’t do it at once. It was a gradual process over the past one year. So, based on this I will let you judge my performance on the site. The below table gives a good snapshot of everything in the past one year.

MonthNo of Invitations
Nov 20143
Dec 20142
Jan 20152
Feb 20151
Mar 20152
Apr 20154
May 20154
Jun 20153
Jul 20151
Aug 20152
Sep 20156
Oct 20150
Nov 20155
Dec 20156
Jan 20163

PollBuzzer Review: Earning and Payment Proof

My first ever survey on PollBuzzer was an unsuccessful one, in that I didn’t qualify. But I tried the second one and completed it to get $1.88. This was back in November, 2014. But then I got a bit busy and didn’t bother to check the surveys that were sent to my e-mail by PollBuzzer for quite some time (about 2-3 months). Later, when I started getting qualified in at least one out of 4-5 surveys I tried, I began to trust PollBuzzer. I gradually entered more details in my profile and observed that the more I filled up my profile, the more surveys I received.

How to Redeem

pollbuzzer reviewI was at $11.50 when I got another survey of $2.50. So, my balance was $14 after completing it. Seeing that I once thought of just continuing without redeeming, just to avoid paying PayPal fee every time I redeem. But then I wanted to make sure PollBuzzer pays, so I decided to redeem, which turned out a good decision. Why? Well, the maximum amount we can redeem from PollBuzzer is fixed at $12.50! (See the image beside).  PayPal is the only mode of payment, and they deduct a nominal fee of 2% upfront. So, the amount I was paid was $12.25.

Payment – It was Amazingly Quick!

p2After redeeming, I thought it would be the normal waiting time of some days before I get to hear from them. But I was wrong. As soon as I redeemed, I had the money in my PayPal. They have automated the process, I guess. I had the full $12.25 within seconds! So that was a decent amount of money for being p3patient for over a year! Of course the best part was that I didn’t waste my time on PollBuzzer unlike many other earning sites. The surveys in which I was disqualified took no more than a minute, and those that I qualified paid decent money ranging from $0.38 to $2.50! So, I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the site, unless you are expecting it to be the primary source of your income, which it cannot be. In fact, hardly any earning site can be your sole primary source of income. But it’s cool to have an additional source and a refreshing one as PollBuzzer – Go for it!

Indians need to join through CINT here, which is Pollbuzzer’s partner. 

13 thoughts on “PollBuzzer Review: The Survey Site That Stands Out

  1. Thanks for the detailed review about the Poll Buzzer site, some time back I heard about this site on that itself I have tried to register in this site but I could not know the reason why I could not registered in this site. I have tried three times and three times i could not complete the registration itself. May be the cause I am from India but now I am in USA is that was the cause for not registering. Once I will try this site and let you know the details.

    1. Hello, Sridhar.. Yes, it may be because of that. Did you try directly on Pollbuzzer site or through referral link? I suggest you to once try directly. Otherwise it’s better to do it when you come back to India 🙂

  2. Hi Narayan,

    Thanks for the response and sorry for the late comment, you are suggestion is good I will join in Poll Buzzer site after reaching India. Any how I may not allowed to work in these present doing American based sites after reaching India.

  3. Even India also I cannot register in this site, it is saying my Paypal mail is not tallying. But the Paypal ids which I am using all are working and getting money in my Paypal account. But why this company is saying like that.

    1. Hi Sridhar, I would request you to once ensure that you are entering your name on Pollbuzzer while registering.
      As per their note, they have clearly mentioned that the first and last names of your pollbuzzer account should match with your name in Paypal account. I think that’s where the issue is. Please enter the first and last names while registering exactly same as it is in your Paypal account. That should solve the issue. Please let me know if it doesn’t.

  4. Thanks for the response, I am using my full name in Poll buzzer site and the same name was used for Paypal also.

      1. Hi Narayan,

        Thanks for the link I have joined in Triaba site, how much you have made in this survey site?

        1. It is actually POLLBUZZER link!!
          CINT is the the partner for Pollbuzzer in India. So, basically you are now a member of Pollbuzzer and this review above is for Pollbuzzer only. Hope your problem is now solved. Complete your profile as much as possible, the more it is filled the more surveys you get.

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