Recycle Online and Help Reduce Landfill


Recycle Online? You might be wondering what’s that about! Well, the internet possibly has solutions to almost all the problems. This article will show you simple steps to recycle online right from your home.

We all talk. We talk a lot about environment, its conservation, the pollution, the cleanliness, and such like. But how many of us really DO something about it?

Have we ever thought of the amount of landfills our consumerist mindset is resulting?
Have we ever thought of using something until it’s non-usable?

We try and find solution to almost every problem with the help of internet. So why don’t we see if we can apply the 3R principle – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – in our lives through internet?
Yes, we can recycle online and reduce landfill.

How to Recycle Online

The internet makes it very easy for the recycle enthusiasts to follow their passion, and also for those in need of some stuff to get it for free. There are some websites that encourage you to recycle, reduce, and reuse, while helping you get the things that you need for free from someone who doesn’t need them. A couple of websites are being introduced here to get you started.

Websites that Help You to Recycle

The list is not exhaustive, but is just intended to let you begin.

  1.  Freecycle
  2. RecycleBank


Freecycle is a website that encourages green enthusiasts to recycle the things that they don’t use anymore and provides a platform for connecting with like-minded people and exchange used products. This helps reduce landfill and in reusing things that are not needed for the original owner. Freecycle (as it says in its homepage) is a non-profit movement which is a network of people all around the world who give and get things for free in their own towns. The basic principle of freecycle network is that the things should be exchanged for FREE and both the giver and taker must be in the same town/city.

How to use

Freecycle network works through Yahoo Groups. First of all, if you want to join freecycle network just search for your place in the search box. If there is a network for your place already, just join it, otherwise you can create a network on your own and be a moderator for it. Freecycle has a set of rules (etiquettes) that must be followed. Some rules may vary in different groups, but overall the rules are similar. Important etiquettes to be followed are:

  • No trading, it should be FREE
  • Illegal goods must not be exchangedIf you need an item post it as WANTED in the prescribed way
  • If you are giving away an item post it as OFFER
  • If you have received an item on offer or that you’ve requested for, post it as TAKEN


RecycleBank is another website which is FREE to use and the motto of which is, of course, encouraging people to Recycle. Recyclebank gives away reward points for the activities you do through the site. These points can be redeemed for many things like Food and Beverages, restaurants, books & magazines etc. Only US and UK residents can benefit from this site.

How to use RecycleBank

The steps to be followed to get rewards by recycling are:

  1. Register on
  2. Earn points by taking green actions (taking quiz, recycling at home, reading, inviting friends etc)
  3. Redeem your rewards in exchange of the points earned

 My Experience With Freecycle

Here is a video to introduce you to Freecycle:

I used Freecycle just once, although I check all the e-mails I get from my local group so that I can help someone with something if I’m not using it. I used Freecycle when I was in Junior College. I wanted to prepare for the competitive exams and thought of using used books instead of buying new ones. I’ve used old books all through my high school, so just wanted to continue my mission of saving paper. I just put it up on Freecycle and someone soon contacted me and offered the books. The person was just about 10 km away from me. I went and collected a bag-full of books that were in pretty good condition. I used those books to pass my exams! I have not yet used the site to actually GIVE something. Until now, I’ve been giving away old things to my friends and family. Maybe I will Freecycle online someday.

2 thoughts on “Recycle Online and Help Reduce Landfill

  1. Very useful information. However, I think many people prefer Quikr or Olx om India as we do need money while selling things.
    However, giving for free can be done in case of certain novels or books.

    1. Well, that’s not right.. There are lot of people who are willing and are giving away things for free.. Freecycle is a big community and is still growing. I am not saying that selling is bad, but freecycle has its own followers. Even electronic gadgets, furniture, etc are exchanged on freecycle. It’s an old, noble concept that started way before olx and quickr came!

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