The Saga of Customer Care Representatives

Today I had yet another experience of dumb customer care reps! I have bought a WiFi data card from  Tata Docomo. I called the number given by them to activate my connection. Their job is to verify our identity and address as given in the application form. However, again, some degree of common sense is expected of them because they are REAL humans!! and I don’t think it’s too much to ask for some basic common sense from real humans! Here is what happened today.

Well, the first time when I called, I had opted for my local language. And the rep who picked up the call was talking in another language. When I said I want to speak in my local language, she told me that I should select that option, and she cut the call.!!! It was a technical fault of theirs. Fine.

My second call was picked by another lady. She asked the name and address. My house number is 22. And in the address proof document I had submitted, it was written as ‘ #22 ‘ . Any dumbass can understand that it means ‘number 22’ . When I said the same, she said “Sir, are you sure it is 22?” I said “of course I’m sure.. It is MY house number”.

She went on “Sir, please check. Keep the document in front of you and then tell. Are you sure it’s a two-digit number?”

Me – “yes, I am sure. It’s 22”

Rep – “Sir, please check. It’s a THREE-DIGIT number. Please keep the document in front of you while calling. You have 3 chances to get your details verified. Please call again and tell us the details correctly”.

Actually, I had no idea that I would have to face this kind of dumb reaction from the rep, so I was not actually holding the address proof document with me. When I checked to see what the hell was on it, it was #22. And the mysterious 3rd digit of the number she was talking about was the darn # !!!! So, according to her, #22 is my correct house number and NOT 22! WOW!! The intelligence of human robots at its best!!

Alright, I called up again. This time, a gentleman picks the call and asks for the same. I said “number 22”. And again, the Einstein within him says “Sir, it’s not right. Please check.”

I then said “ok, it must be #. Now, # means NUMBER” . He was then convinced.

What the heck of a verification this is!! God save common sense!

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