How to Reuse Unwanted Calendars

When we are into a new year, we see new calendars, diaries, planners, etc, being distributed and gifted everywhere, may it be our offices, schools, banks or insurance offices. Well, there is no doubt that it’s done as a good gesture and to use it as an opportunity to keep your company or office in the minds of your clients and friends. But something just irks me every year when I see these things being distributed.

Useful or Waste?

I wonder how useful are these calendars and diaries that are given away for new year. Yes, of course, you may use one or two of these but what about the rest that you get? Your employer, your clients, your friends, your bank, and many more give you these new year stuff which you accept for courtesy. But what next?

I am sure they must be lying around somewhere or you just throw them later when you don’t use them. Since I don’t like to waste paper, I have still kept the diaries that I received few years ago and I use it occasionally to write something. But in this computer age, we hardly use paper to write anything. For official and personal uses, I use one diary each. I’m sure hardly anybody uses more. And the calendars are even more a waste! You hardly use a couple of calendars, and don’t know what to do with the rest since you can’t use them the next year!

How to Use

I have few uses of these in mind.

  • Use the back of the calendar (if empty) for drawings and paintings or give it to your kids so they can use it for the same
  • Use the calendar sheets for packing stuffs or to make paper bags
  • Give the diaries to children who are practicing to write.

And maybe, you can refuse to accept them if you can, so that you don’t have to worry about disposing them later!!

Let me know if you use them for anything else 🙂

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