WowApp Review: A Get Paid Alternative to WhatsApp

Wowapp review

WhatsApp is the planet’s most popular messaging app with about 1 billion active users worldwide. There is no doubt that it’s one of the greatest disruptive services in the recent past in the internet and mobile phone world. While WhatsApp has its own space and identity, there is one more similar app with a twist that we could consider. It’s called WowApp. Well, the name sounds similar to WhatsApp, but you will really feel like going Wow! when you use it and think about its potential. This WowApp review will help you understand the App well before you decide on using it to make some extra money doing something that you do anyway…daily!

It’s a Serious App

When I say serious, it means it’s a good, professionally developed, and decent app. Although there is nothing new in the concept they are promoting (that of sharing revenue with users), it really does seem that unlike the previous similar apps, they are doing their job seriously. We have had Quack messenger with similar concept, but that app made the users go nuts with the slowness, bugs, and never-responding support. Well, we don’t even know if a support system existed for Quack messenger! While I say this, I need to make it clear that there is no support system for WowApp either. They have a forum-like thing where users post messages and queries, but I haven’t seen anybody from the staff responding to them. However, the app itself is so neat and efficient that we don’t feel the need of support.

How Much can You Earn?

There is no formula that is known to the users of the app! They have clearly mentioned in their site that our earnings will depend on the number of active referrals we have and how much we use the app for chatting and making paid calls. I have been using the app for 45 days, and I can say that the earnings are a bit fluctuating,  but is not bad. On an average, I have earned USD 0.10 per day (10 cents) with highest being 33 cents on a day and lowest being 2 cents (first day). I have observed that of late, earnings have increased and I’m constantly making above 20 cents a day, by chatting not more than 1.5 hours per day.

WowApp Review – My Experience and My Earnings

Screenshot of my WowApp account
Screenshot of my WowApp account

I believe that a review should typically tell you about the overall experience of using the App and the Earnings. I would give WowApp 4 out of 5 stars. The major cons I’ve observed are:

  • No organized customer support system
  • Heavy App and connectivity issues – it doesn’t connect to internet on slow connections easily like WhatsApp. You need to have good connection to use WowApp
  • And yes, WowApp uses considerable data. My 1 GB data pack which used to last one full month got expired with 1 week to go!

Apart from these I find WowApp extremely good in that it contains all the great features a chat app must have, including free and awesome stickers. Of course, it gives you additional incentives in the form of money that you can choose to redeem or donate to charity. The minimum withdrawal is USD 20.

The below table shows my earnings using WowApp with 11 direct referrals (of whom 6 are active) and 180 in the network (total of connections of my connections).

MonthEarning (in USD)
December 20152.66
January 20162.11
February 20160.24 (very low usage only on desktop app)
March 20160.12 (very low usage only on desktop app)
April 20160.11 (very low usage)
May 20169.62 (very low usage)

Tips to Earn More on WowApp

Based on my experience, here are the tips to earn more on WowApp:

  • Use mobile phone the most for chatting (but use both PC version and mobile App)
  • Keep the ‘Ad-me’ option ON for mobile, desktop and website
  • Add some referrals (2-5) who will use the app actively and who may invite more people. The more the better.
  • Use the App daily and normally

You can not join WowApp directly, but you need to do it under some existing member. If you are interested, you can join it here .

12 thoughts on “WowApp Review: A Get Paid Alternative to WhatsApp

  1. I had this app on my phone but decided to let it go because of heavy size and sluggish behavior. it also consume a lot of data. I think potential of app is great but first they will have to get their hands dirty in development.

    1. I agree with your point on data usage. It indeed consumes more data than WhatsApp. As far as App development is concerned, it’s there with all the apps. No app is perfect as soon as it is released. I’m sure they will work on it. I find it slightly sluggish on mobile data when the signal is poor, otherwise it’s fine. Some may find it ok to cope up with some negatives when we are being paid for using it 🙂

    1. Thanks, Pervara 🙂 Yes, it’s important to use the app normally as we would use any other chat app rather than expect some wonders out of it.. Some blogs have mentioned that we are paid to ‘click ads’ on wowapp, but it isn’t true.. we will not be paid for clicks.

        1. Exactly. And since their revenue is from Adsense, they wouldn’t ask to do so, obviously. And this is the reason for some genuine paying sites to face problems owing to some misinformed users.

  2. Thats a good review about the app, I too use it but I haven’t earned much as I am not a regular user, but the main drawback is the high data, it uses lot of data and its not worth the price we pay for the data in countries like India. If you have a unlimited data plan, its a great app to earn few cents while chatting.

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